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How Can You Support Social Learning?

Think about your learning and/or your employees and co-workers learning: how can you support them and yourself with social learning?

For some inspiration, read this article and watch the following video:

„We Learn More When We Learn Together: Find some tipps and tricks“ - In this article by Jane E. Dutton and Emily Heaphy, in the Harvard Business Review, January 2016 you will find 8 tipps about how to create and maintain with your „high-quality connections“ at work.

Supporting Social Learning

Video by Harold Jarche

Creating a learning community


In my opinion, in today's learning environment, it is important to creat both offline and online social learning opportunities.

Offline opportunities are most effective when you get a whole team together including the manager, teach them e.g. some key concepts of Marketing and then let them work on their own project after the training. Like that, they see the relevance for their own job and really work together as a team to improve a real project that will benefit the team as such.

Online opportunities can be e.g. created by engaging with remotely located employees via the companies social learning platform, create a group for a specific topic, proactively invite a specific target group to join the group and then share and discuss knowledge pieces. It is crucial to have a moderator though who can trigger new discussions when it gets stuck.

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