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»In order to motivate Martina to engage in online training, we need to improve her intrinsic motivation. This motivation will be already pretty high for topics that she loves but she might also…

Gamification for Martina

Wilma Huppertz, 03 Apr 16

»In my opinion, in today's learning environment, it is important to creat both offline and online social learning opportunities. Offline opportunities are most effective when you get a whole t…

Creating a learning community

Wilma Huppertz, 03 Apr 16

»My first 5 questions to ask are: What is your target group? Is it small or big? Which management levels are included? Which generations and nationalities are represented? How motivated is yo…

Learning needs assessment

Wilma Huppertz, 29 Mar 16

»In my company, we are still pretty traditional in the way we learn. We have implemented an eLearning library, blended learning and we are currently working on adding more content like self-mad…

My story

Wilma Huppertz, 09 Mar 16

»I'm more a visual type combined with audio. I like watching a video and either reading the transcript in parallel or downloading it later and marking some passages. Just listening doesn't work…

My learner type

Wilma Huppertz, 07 Mar 16