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business of democracy and democratization of business

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blockchain and distributed graph technologies that allow for collaboration, coordination, and exchange without a centralized trusted intermediary will disrupt many incumbent businesses and offer many exciting opportunities for development of alternative forms. think uber or airbnb without centralized control and extraction of economic rents from community members.

Let's explore the technologies underlying bitcoin, ethereum, & iota and create public & private governance models with a focus on sustainability.

elections in the USA are profit driven nightmares with plutocratic outcomes.

ONE project might be campaign management solutions to disrupt the domination of the proprietary voter activation networks of the Democratic and Republican Parties.

these networks privatize public data and make running for office too expensive.

distributed technologies can be applied in many other ways. ANY SUGGESTIONS?


about 2 years ago

I am considering an idea for solving ciity problems based on peer to peer transactions. However, the knowledge on how to develop a smartcontract or how to actually keep it save from hackers looks far to me.
M. Fuensanta D.

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