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Well like we know it is digital world almost now , so why not advertisement , make more community between people to help each other to grow ?


over 2 years ago

Sure can say advertisement , mostly just to sell , but i want it make more like main link between different business to link they more each other . What i mean is more find way how each other can help . In this age tourism is really big profit , but at same in everyday more looking specific fun . So why not help more community homes , rooms renters give special fun and attraction list of what to do , same in attraction places give possible find place to stay . Sure it can work nice and without advertisement , but i think if can deal in one place all things place , fun and promote for exactly groups who can interest , it make grow for all .
Well mine like business plan , to make strong links , and to show and help for each other business company and home renters profit of that possibles . give exactly plans how to promote and what can get for it . It be more locally community

over 2 years ago

Hi, Vykinta,
I think I have an idea about the type of business model you're developing. My curiosity is in how it could be sustainable practically. Your community is very well defined - Tourists!
Good luck.

Bodam Dale Bagaiya

over 2 years ago

Well such idea i got from my country tourism , like village , castle with attraction. Well were not big concentration , but great working to make tourism even in place , were never was . So why not re do place were is already tourism , just to make it more developed for specific tourist wishes? Sure it will take more communicate give information and sort by tourist needs , but I am pretty sure , this little change will help more to renters , restaurants, and attraction haves. Sure i hope develop this idea by study here and in after new year implement . it is not only locally , but and more promotion on internet . Me just like helper find they and make show why they special.

over 2 years ago

Hi Vykinta,
I think tourism is always an interesting sector for collaboration because the idea of competition is very different within tourism - that is the more tourists to an area the better it is for all the tourist attractions and the owners of the tourist attractions know this. So I think the principles of the collaborative economy is more easily recognised. In Ireland where I live there are a lot of joint collaborations amongst local tourist attractions and more recently the national tourism agency has done really great work on several 'green' tourism initiatives that involves collaboration. I believe that the 'internet of things' will really help local attractions collaborate to allow for the development of customised packages designed for specific groups or individuals. Perhaps a good place to start this work would be with the Airbnb hosts in your locality who could work with their local attractions to offer a package like you suggest.


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