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I am often struck by just how deeply held are our default positions on many of the socially constructed 'realities' which we grapple with. In terms of consumerism the default understanding of price versus value is often a very personally held belief that influences our buying choices.

I know that I struggle with this at the point of purchase. I may understand that some higher price purchase offers an improved value in terms of environment, long-term economic return and/or social impact. But I often succumb to the argument that I can't really afford it. Today, I bought a light bulb for a hallway in my house. The much pricier eco bulbs were alongside the cheaper version - I understand the long-term return, the energy efficiency, the consumer choice argument for creating change. However, my mind starting arguing about the fact that the bulb is seldom used so I won't reap the economic benefit; I had to buy three eco bulbs whereas the non-eco bulb was available singly; plus I am broke!

So I bought the single non-eco bulb and now I am suffering guilt. Help!

Within a business so many people have to account for their spending only in terms of price and are really caught in a bind when making purchasing decisions for the firm. Accessing the shared value of more sustainable choices is often not on the radar at the next budget meeting and so this leaves us feeling helpless and frustrated in trying to make better decisions. Newer business models will certainly help these decisions.


about 2 years ago

Good morning from Barcelona. Nice to meet you Victor. Good luck with your Project. I find it very interesting.

over 1 year ago

I know what you mean. Do you read Dutch? I like how Ewald Engelen talks about this... he refers to Piketty: the rich have become richer and the poor haven't even though the economy grew. is nice to look at as well.

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