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Chapter 5 Journal Activity

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Chapter 5


In the past, each monument or site was an individual and not linked with others but slowly, a bigger picture is emerging. With each dig new information is being found and a better picture of the area as a whole is being formed. Stonehenge is not by any means a monument on its own. I have followed the work done by Mike Parker Pearson and the theory that Woodhenge is for the living and the journey from there to the river and up the avenue to Stonehenge is a way of honouring the dead. Granny died and her body kept until the journey was made so she could make the journey to join the ancestors. This idea could all change of course when new discoveries are made and things are evolving. There is no doubt that the landscape as a whole is part of the bigger picture but where does it stop? How far away do we need to dig to get the best information? Methods are evolving too with geophysics and LIDAR. No doubt there are more gadgets to come in the future that can help. We do have to be careful though because archaeology is destruction and in that case we need non invasive methods of investigation. I look forward to seeing the theories evolve over the years.

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