Prototyping Interaction

24 Mar 2017, 06:42 PM
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Mapping the context and communicating your concept with a (moving) storyboard.
Think of a solution that contains a smartphone or a tablet. Envision the working of the service/product in a storyboard.

Show in the storyboard:

  • What the user experience looks like
  • How the service works
  • What the context is
  • How user interface generally works

Upload your storyboard, and a description.
Optional: Capture your storyboard in a video and provide it with a voice-over.
Deliverable: image and/or video and a short text




Main character: Harry (75) lives in a retirement house, far from family (he only has on daughter left as family) and he likes to go out to the city for a coffee, breakfast, ice cream and for a talk. But he like to do this with others. Since he has been in the retirement house for 6 years, he already knows everyone and wants to meet new people from outside the retirement house.

With the app ''SuperBuddy'', people like Harry can upload a posting with what they need or want in a ''Superbuddy''. This can be for example: extra attention, support, guidance or accompaniment. The ''Superbuddy'' will help you to get the best and most out of your life as possible.

The volunteers on ''SuperBuddy'' can be volunteers including students who have to do (socially) internship, associations, people who want to extend their working experience, people who want to create friends and so on.

The app enables you to put your posting online but also provides you with a platform of volunteers who offer their free time for the people who need it. This way, people like Harry can look for themselves if there is someone on ''SuperBuddy'' that can fulfill his needs. Both parties receive notification when someone is replying to your post(s).


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