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10 Jun 2017, 07:40 PM
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Assignment #6: Interactive physical prototype

In the assignment of last week, we challenged you to make a physical object, which may have pushed you out of your comfort zone.

The next step is to make your object interactive, which is the assignment for this week.

This week you will need to make your prototype interactive using an Arduino or another kit, or hacked devices or electronics.

Write down how your concept works, take pictures or film your prototype while demonstrating how it works.

Upload your concept to your journal for peer feedback!

Assignment #6: Interactive physical prototype


![Like I have described in my previous assignments, I would like to create a art and culture route throughout the city centre of Siena, Italy to the central station in order to connect them and make them multidisciplinair. One of the examples could be an audio system horn (see image). This can be placed anywhere but I was thinking about establishing this object somewhere in the city centre and maybe close to the central station. It should provide the pedestrian with historical information and facts about Siena and Italy (e.g. palio and contrada's)]. Pedestrians can activate the sound horn by placing their ear close to the speakers. A sensor will recognize the movement and start the audio. One may have a poem about Siena, the other provides general information about the the city centre of Siena and the other one gives the pedestrians the ability to record a message for the next pedestrian. This initiative will connect the inhabitants, tourists and other people in and around Siena with each other. Besides connection, it also teaches and informs the people about Siena and Italy in general. (

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