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Chapter 1 Journal Activity

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Stonehenge in the landscape

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Just recently a family member said to me that they found Stonehenge to be underwhelming and not that impressive. This is perhaps not surprising, more often than not I find myself unintentionally lecturing others on the importance of looking at sites such as Stonehenge within the much wider landscape. The people who built and used Stonehenge were much more connected to their surroundings then we are today. To consider Stonehenge in isolation is folly and would only provide a small part of the answers we are looking for. I would also suggest that we look beyond the immediate landscape of the Salisbury Plain and consider the landscape in relation to other similar landscapes across Britian and Europe.


almost 2 years ago

Hi Toni-Marie

You nailed it, re: Wider Context.

Most people who have never visited Stonehenge are usually preconditioned to expect a massive stone edifice looming over them.
But no, it's not a huge footprint. The Stone Circle is only 100 feet across and standing away from it tends to disappoint the uninitiated.
But standing within the Stones is an entirely different story because those great honking bad boys are really big.

Also, viewed from distance, the Stones seem much larger because the landscape rolls and there's very little but grass nearby. The beauty of its positioning guarantees that it can be seen for miles around, and this makes it looks quite impressive in context.


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