Corporate Digital Learning

25 Mar 2016, 04:47 PM
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Types of digital learning currently being used:
ipad eLearning modules, video role play, articulate modules on corporate LMS

-Corporate buy in that digital learning is part of the future of learning.
-Use of video role play to allow self reflection on selling skills/messaging
-Scenario based learning
-Have started to record Webex's to enable learners to view when it is convenient for them

-Cost of creating digital content (need to change expectation that content is high quality video/audio and "hollywood" quality)
-Variable IT skills of learners gets in the way of learning content
-internal expertise of learning designers to create digital content (lack digital skills -still more comfortable designing classroom based interactions)
-Finding software that is cost efficient and does everything we need it to do (every time you introduce a new platform learners have to get used to the new platform)
-The social aspect of digital learning is new to older employees and there is resistance to engaging in the social aspect (time efficiency of reviewing others reflections or assignments)
-LMS system set up for compliance reasons and not with learners needs in mind (the interplay of these two systems are often not aligned)

-Finding ways to gamify the social aspect. Sales representatives seem to respond to anything that is competitive.
-MOOC format can be used in corporate setting for learning campaigns that impact groups of employees that are spread out across large geography -employs a # of blended digital formats for self directed learning

-Need to have Learning design team attend courses that will help them learn to create more social/gamified content
-Need to have annual review of available technology and integrate it into corporate Learning strategy

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