Corporate Digital Learning

27 Mar 2017, 07:15 AM
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Let's Get Visual!

What Do Your Road Signs Towards a Digital Learning Strategy Look Like?

What 5 questions do you feel are the right ones to ask in order to address your needs?
What is important to consider in your company or corporate context?
Let's get visual and create a little drawing, image or graphic with 5 signs and questions you feel are necessary to address. Make sure to go through the additional materials first, then upload your visual "roadmap" to your journal.

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Infographic by CommlabIndia

My Road Signs Towards a Digital Learning Strategy


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Budget and Maintenance Cost
There is a price for everything. if company need high customized courses, it will charge more than authoring tools with basic function. Some company has need to embrace their brand(logo, layout, and color palettes, font, etc) to build brand awareness between employee and company, so their choice of authoring tools will fall into authoring tool with control and flexibility that allowing them take full control of courses' appearance.

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Define Your Learner's Needs
Knowing your audience/learner's needs before apply e-Learning to them is must. For instance, consider whether your learner need learning's support like simulation, sounds, animation, or videos embedded in their courses or it is enough if you just using simple slide. With this consideration, you can choose authoring tools that suit them without forgetting about their or your limitation in technologies and skills.

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Skills of Development Team
How much time, resources which need to build courses.

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Every digital learning must based on right resources to avoid misunderstanding, without right SME as resources, the digital learning will become useless.

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Deliverables and Proper Technologies
There is a need to make sure the digital learning goes well as needed. If the digital learning has to be accessible in all devices, the learning or authoring tools should support responsive design.

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