Climate Change and Health

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What is climate change to you?

Say in few words what comes to your mind when you think about climate change? In other words, to you what is climate change associate with?
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World Problems


Climate change to me is...A massive problem that we are handing our children. We have the knowledge and skill set to start making a difference, but money is what makes the world go round. Having done research on a paper about electronic waste, and the effects it has on our environment; I was heartbroken with not only how it affected our ecosystems, but the impact on health to the the individuals (mostly children) that must live around this problem.
Back to the discussion at hand: The industrial age was the start of great things in several country's, but also the demise of the planet. My degree (emergency management) deals with disasters not only man-made, but technological and natural (e,g,. tornado's, cyclones, flooding). To make a long story short..man-made is making natural disaster far worse and we need to find a way to strike a balance for human kind.

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