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Why Weinberger?


And what about artists? I do not know so many, personally. And I do not know if this changes anything for my perception and understanding of their art or art in general. A long time ago (I looked it up, it was in 1997) I attended a talk featuring Lois Weinberger. He had a project as part of documenta X, a dead track in Kassel main station, planted with wild herbs and grasses and flowers from all over the world. Weinberger talked about his childhood in an Austrian woodcutter family and a piece of fallow land in Vienna where he watches things just growing. And he held a long abstract speech about the background and motivation for his art. Then somebody from the audience (not me) asked him a lengthy question, if he was working with foreign plants because he himself feels as a stranger. He thought about this for a while and then said: "No."
documenta X

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