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My Life in a passport photo booth?


Mind your step!
A friend of mine shot a series of photos always showing himself, using a passport photo booth. This was a long time before selfies, at the end of the 1970s. He took a photo about every week. When I first saw a couple of them I was very surprised how different he was looking. You could hardly imagine that they showed the same person. He obviously tried to change a lot between the photo sessions, and he succeeded. This made me think about myself, my own appearance, my impact on others. Was I looking the same all the time? Do I change myself at all? Do I have to look as if I would change - my looks, my attitudes, my life? How do I know if I had changed? For better or for worse?
Now he is working as a kind of art director in Berlin mainly dealing with computer typesetting and fonts. He has changed a lot since then, just like me.

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