New Business Models – Working Together on Value Creation

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It is time to write down your value proposition and ask for feedback from your peers for the first time

Having seen all the material from chapter one and two, think about the initial value proposition for your New Business Model and write it down.

Don't forget to share the link to your journal with your community and to check out the submissions of others. Interact, give an receive feedback!

Think about your initial value proposition and write it down. You can also make use of a drawing, if you prefer to.

Can you use some elements from the WEconomy model you have learned about this week? This will enable you to make a new and inspiring value proposition.

  1. Start this journal assignment and share your text with the course community.
  2. Read the instructions in the additional material section and choose a peer group you want belong to.
  3. Copy your link into the discussion thread of your peer group and gather and share feedback.
  4. Check out also other journals and give your colleagues some valuable feedback.

Value proposition Stadsboerderij Kortrijk


For context please refer to my journal on:

Though the cooperation and the current businesscase do have allready elements of a new businessmodel, I think we can learn, co-create and therefore improve our model.

Functional economy:
The cooperation members as a collective own the Stadsboerderij Kortrijk. A few people are employed by us. Profits are equally shared.

Circular Economy
We already work with other suppliers to give away our remaining stocks when we can not sell these. In case of remaining vegetables these are used for soup, who is sold by a partner organisation.
Although we can improve by realising more of our dreams by roof and/or city farming. At the start of our cooperation this proved to be not yet feasible in our current business model. But we want to do this in a later stage.

Cooperation Economy / sharing economy
In the current model, realising our dreams is done by a few employees and a group of volunteers.
An improvement would be when..
The cooperation as a collective has more insight off and access to all knowledge, skills and talents of the members. This collective talents and wisdom can be used for all activities of our cooperation.

Value proposition in short:
Reinforcing transition by offering regional bio products on our Stadsboerderij while creating a happy and inclusive social place. Providing an income to those who are vulnerable. Motivating and inspiring more people in our region to become more sustainable and be an ambassador for how Stadsboerderij Kortrijk tries to be a flagship of a new and more social economy.

sustainable greetings

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