New Business Models – Working Together on Value Creation

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It is time to finalize your NBM!

You are almost at the end of this MOOC and therefore it is time to finalize your New Business Model. Before you write things down, check how your NBM touches upon the clover business model canvas. What principles are you using? How are you going to develop your community? What kind of values are you creating and what does your team look like?

Once you have done this check, try to rewrite your proposition and your model. Upload a text that describes your model to your journal, try to use around 100 words. Ask for feedback from your peers and do not forget to check out other submissions and give them feedback as well.

Since this will be your last round of feedback, before creating your final product make it count.

Business Model Stadsboerderij Kortrijk

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Stadsboerderij Kortrijk

We try to create as many value as possible, based on our shared values like transparency, sustainable, community driven, ethical and healthy. We designed our transport so that we collect waste in our food chain. For example vegetables that are thrown away at supermarkets will be sold in our soups or vegetable packages. At our future local food production sites our community can help and we will educate them on bio farming and short food supply chains or just inform on how to create healthy dishes. All these tasks are shared in a common and work on an inclusive basis.


over 1 year ago

If you like... I have a network of people in similar initiatives via HAS Hogeschool. If you need anything: let me know.

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