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Create a journal entry: Development of the Unknown Artist


In the beginning of the CCAA, finding the Unknown Artist was one of its main aims. Explain the changes in the search for the Unknown Artist within the last 15 year and discuss possible outside factors which fueled this development.

Share your experiences and have a look at the journals of other participants.
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The Unknown Artist


The Uknown Artist is one of the archetypes that like the Starving one, the bohemian life, the struggle of high art and street art is tangible, is real and is ever changing. Exactly because it is an archetype one of the main forms, it is a truant and a constant, something that cannot e simply be whipped out. However it is important to acknowledge the ways which the Uknown Artist is shaped and discovered today; truly a polarising and arbitrary notion but then at thevery end it is important to remember that this is art we are discssing about.

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