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»Reading about the long way the CCAA has come and it is now rooted, one can only imagine how far a way it has to go before it advances even more on the evolution scale.

The navigation of art

Thanos Kyratzis, 31 Oct 17

»The Uknown Artist is one of the archetypes that like the Starving one, the bohemian life, the struggle of high art and street art is tangible, is real and is ever changing. Exactly because it …

The Unknown Artist

Thanos Kyratzis, 31 Oct 17

»As it has been said, art had been a key-factor of allowing China to establish its presence as a modern country, welcoming change and through art as an implement the world got to experience som…

Art: a rotating door in and out of cultures

Thanos Kyratzis, 30 Oct 17

»Born and raised in Greece it is easy to see how cultures and civilizations come and go. It is in the museums, the ancient remains of former worlds and the restored buildings that like jewels, …

From the center of the map to the ends and back again

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Thanos Kyratzis, 13 Feb 17

»The primary reasons for me taking this course revolve around getting to know contemporary chinese art. It is an open door to a whole new culture for me and I do seek all kinds of cultural and …

Setting goals

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Thanos Kyratzis, 08 Feb 17