25 Feb 2017, 02:18 AM

Just stones or a landscape


How could this possibly just be stones?!

Several factors need to be considered. The time taken to complete Stonehenge, the amount of manpower and engineering required to complete it, the enormity of the complex and the products used.

Hundreds of years were spent creating this complex site. This is an era where there are no cranes or large vehicles to move building materials and as we know, many of the building materials used came from as far away as Wales.

The population of Britain was not large. Something or someone very influential must have motivated this build in the beginning, and later for this to continue.

The positioning of the stones must have had real meaning to them and therefore, I do not believe Stonehenge was built where it was just by chance. The geographical landscape would of been a factor in its site location for one reason or another.

There are also other historical sites within close proximity.

In my small capacity, I believe Stonehenge and others are all part of a huge historical landscape.

Therefore, I consider Stonehenge not just as stones but as a whole Stonehenge landscape.

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