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My company uses Cornerstone for its LMS and produces content using Adobe Captivate. We also use videos from created through live presentations and from YouTube. We have a combination of purely online courses and blended courses.

Getting the corporate university started and being able to offer blended course options from the beginning.

Completion rate of the courses has been a challenge. We do not make the courses mandatory so there are no penalties for non-completion. In addition to this is that I do not believe we have as yet achieved full buy-in from the managers of each unit. Therefore, they do not make it a priority to ensure that their team members have time to work on the courses on-the-job; and of course, since there are no penalties for non-completion, the employees do not feel the need to complete the courses outside of work hours. But, we are still babies in the area of corporate digital learning, so it's taking a while for everyone to get used to the idea.

Patience is needed when trying to implement something new. Especially when people are set in old ways and when on-boarding new employees requires a quick process but the necessary knowledge that needs to be imparted is complex. Finding a quick way to do this online is challenging.

I would suggest ensuring that the executives and management of the organisation understand the benefits and workings of digital learning. By this I mean, not just letting them know how much money they can save, or even make by offering digital learning to their clients, but to understand the time and quality of talent that will be needed to create meaningful content and products.

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