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Reflect Your Story, Part II! ☝

Reflect Your STory, Part 2


HR has previously just seen us as necessary for creating product training courses. Now we are in discussion for adding other HR-related courses to our offerings.

The challenges are still the same. It's been too short a time to change this. But now, I have opened discussion with my manager on ways to change these.

A lot of the things I leaned in this course I realise would not be applicable at this moment to my company but it is a vision of where we can go and what is achievable. I already had a vision from my previous experiences and this course has opened my eyes to more possibilities.

There are so many views and options out there regarding corporate learning. I think each company needs to look at where it is, where it wants to go and then decide the best road to get there. Each L&D department will have to see what's best for their company as not every new advancement out there will be a "fit"

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