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Gamification for Martina!

Do you remember Martina from chapter 2?

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You already defined her learning objectives.
You helped her create a culture of learning.
Now it is time, to think about gamification for her online training and learning. How can you add game elements and motivate her in her learning journey?

Need some inspiration for this journal exercise?

1) Article by John Hagel and John Seely Brown on how the online game World of Warcraft can help promote innovation - even on the job.

2) Knowledge@Wharton writes about how to use gamification in the health care sector in this article published on business insider.

3) Remember the example in our main material from HP? Here is the article by Chanin Ballance to read up upon their case.

4) is a Volkswagen initiative that wants to show how easy it is to support and engage people in simple tasks such as bottle recycling or respecting the speed control.

5) Or watch this video by Khan Academy, explaining some of their gamification elements on their platform:

Video by CenterScene

We are excited to see how we can all help Martina out.

Gamification for Martina


I would create a time management role play game (like those diner rush games).

So it would be a game consisting of the full work week, no overtime allowed. For each day, she would have a set of tasks she has to complete with deadlines for each task. She would also have workers to assist her with the tasks. So she will need to decide which ones she completes on her own, which ones she delegates, and which ones are a team effort. Of her study time, the game would take around 10-15 mins to complete.

It would start out easy at first, but as she progresses through the course, and learns more, it gets harder - more daily tasks or tasks that take longer to complete. This covers the areas that she needs to improve in as detailed in the first assignment.

When she completes challenges successfully, she gains points. the more efficiently the tasks are completed, the more points she earns. Based on the number of points, at the end of full learning, she gains a batch representing that level of points. So for example 100-200 points merit a "good leader" batch; 201 - 300 points merit a "great leader batch; etc.

She can enlist the aid of her team in the game to help her strategise. I think this will tie in to creating a learning environment in her team (from the previous assignment) and also help her learn more about the skills of her team members.

HR can get involved by offering a reward based on the leader level she achieved in the game. So for example, for "good leader" maybe she gets free lunch for a day or two; for "great leader" she gets tickets to the opera or some such event that she likes; etc. Or preferably rewards she can share with her team for assisting in the process.

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