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life and beauty

Watch and read the given material and try to create a digital collage on the specific theme or try to record via a camera (photography or video) something relevant to the theme: 'life and beauty'

life and beauty (week2)


Beauty is mixing with nature.
Beauty is diving into your own world.

This is my painting of beauty

enter image description here


over 3 years ago

The concept is beautiful!

over 3 years ago

Very nice painting, Tasneem! :D

over 3 years ago

Hafsa Jamshaid , Eunice Duron
Thank you :D

over 3 years ago

Erstaunlich und sehr, sehr schön!

over 3 years ago

Stefan Mose
Vielen Dank!

over 3 years ago

Thank you. Your painting is so beautiful - greetings from Berlin, Stefan

over 3 years ago

Very nice!

over 3 years ago

Stefan Mose
Thank you again and greetings from Syria :D

over 3 years ago

Geertuida van Assen

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