Why Do People Migrate? Part 1: Facts

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Read this article and share your views with colleagues. Is the Australian "Pacific solution" against human rights? What do you think of Nauru and the other "prison islands"?

As always, you can share your view by writing in your own journal, but also commenting on what others have written.

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30-40 years ago I would also have been demonstrating in cases like the one in Canberra. Not any more. My sympathy and my efforts to help go towards people who are dying unnecessarily due to lack of food, clean water, health care in many different countries, which are not necessarily in war.

i would like to see myself how the circumstances are on Nauru. In any case, I trust that the Australian government provides the asylum-seekers with shelter, food and basic health care, and above all there is peace. If non-profits can arrange language learning and other educational opportunities to asylum-seekers, that is even better and will help them in the future.

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