Why Do People Migrate? Part 1: Facts

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This article from The Economist puts the finger on the painful question of the "economic cost" of hosting refugees.
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The Syrian refugee crisis and European benefits


In brief, Europe stands to gain considerable economic advantages from the influx of Syrian refugees. Most of the Syrians are of a relatively young age, and come from a country where they have had, as a minimum, a good basic education. They will enter a work force (EU-aggregated) that is beleaguered with a net loss of its prime capital: human resources. The Economist article presents the issue rather well.

I think the main issue for EU countries harbouring Syrian refugees shall not be economic, but social. However, socio-economic burdens shall generally more apparent in the first few years, and will gradually turn into the benefits that politicians like Merckel, as well as economic analysts, envision.

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