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Chapter 4 Journal Activity

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British Culture and Stonehenge.

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I am sure most British painters, poets , authors and musicians etc. will have thought about our ancient past. Stonehenge is certainly one of our best ancient monuments and I am sure a visit would inspire artists to be creative afterwards. Just the fact that it was built by ancient ancestors was enough to inspire me, after my visit in September 2015 I now have 300 photos 10 large paintings and two song that i perform regularly.


almost 2 years ago

Breakfast Opera

Here comes the light
Bringing warmth
Ending night

The new day is born
Life is due
With the dawn

Putting on clothes and preparing to dance
Bees must not sting
But the birds love to sing
And sing they will, for us..
(Drum chorus)

Have the stones always been here?
Casting shadows on the day’s end
Ghosts of the dance
Song of the past
Fire in the sky
Dreams from the stars...

My song written about Stonehenge

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