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11 Nov 2015, 07:31 PM
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life and beauty

Watch and read the given material and try to create a digital collage on the specific theme or try to record via a camera (photography or video) something relevant to the theme: 'life and beauty'

St. Martin's procession Berlin 2015


For me, an important part of photography and the beauty of life is the light. In the photo the circling lights of the children's lanterns can be seen. My goal was to symbolize the fluid structure and the transience of life, light and beauty in a monochrome image. Pic by Stefan Mose, Berlin 2015-11-11
enter image description here


about 3 years ago

Many things can be seen in your monochrome image! thanks for your comment about light, life and beauty: I haven't thought of it yet.

about 3 years ago

@ Victoria Adeff: Thank you so much for your feedback. I am delighted that you can see many things in the image - even though the information is very compressed ...
In my view, an image, video or other (art) - work always communicates with the viewer. His imagination and observation is a crucial factor.
Many greetings and have fun in this course,

about 3 years ago

Interesting image, I like the light painting technique.

about 3 years ago

@ Geertruida van Assen: Thanks. Dank u. Many greetings from Berlin, Stefan

Hi Stefan :-) Can you please, attached the photo on your journal because I can only see it as a profile picture. thank you!!! :-)

about 3 years ago

@ Angelina Voskopoulou: I added this picture to my journal. I hope it can now be viewed. I am sorry for the inconvenience. Greetings, Stefan

No worries Stefan ! I can see it now ;-) many thanks! keep up the good work! cheers

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