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My digital learning story


Depending on whether we need to enhance our (or others) technical or soft skills we will have a different approach to digital learning. For this assignment I would focus on learning technical skills online even if some points would prove correct for soft skills development as well.

Creating bite sized learning with direct opportunity for feedback and active q&a accessible to learners have proved to bring the best learners feedback. Best roi in my experience was achieved when the learning was directly related to the job and there was direction from a mentor, manager or community manager as an active participant in the learning journey.

Learners isolation, too much choice, non-interactive courses, long and boring content, seeing online learning as a "no-working" time represent the most common challenges of the 21st century online learner.

The most effective learning experience for technical skills is created when we learn just in time - so we can apply our skills directly during or after the learning has taken place. In terms of content - a great instructional design would be having the possibility to exercise directly in the tool (simulation or sandbox) in parallel to following a course or video explanations.

Bite sized learning with a variety of methods. Giving the learner the possibility to customise their learning experience and only learn what they need. Making further suggestions on what might be of interest whether related or not directly related to the topic (to sparkle curiousity).

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