Climate Change and Health

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What is climate change to you?

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Say in few words what comes to your mind when you think about climate change? In other words, to you what is climate change associate with?
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Climate Change as an Opportunity


We all have had our share of dreadful stories about climate change. And it's important to articulate and share those, lest the public remain ignorant of this pressing planetary crisis.

But as a communicator and development worker, I feel that it's high time to highlight the good news coming from the crisis. We are in an auspicious time and the challenge is great for our generation to address climate change.

So for me, we should start looking at climate change as an opportunity for change, to better improve lives, the economy, and alleviate the suffering of people and the environment.

It's time for us to spread the good news and to deploy the solutions. Policy plays a very important role, and the public has to be vigilant to make sure that the policy does not stay on paper alone.

If we use this issue as a jump-off point to to make radical changes, the co-benefits are unlimited. There is a win-win-win situation that could be had.

Luckily, all of us can contribute to making this happen. Advocates can push to badly needed policy, communicators and educators can spread the reality and solvability of climate change, researchers can find more evidence to support the need for action, and ordinary people can start employing change in their life, in their homes, offices and schools.

For me there is just no other way, because the alternative is our demise, we must take climate change as an opportunity now.

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