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Chapter 4 Journal Activity

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Perspectives of Englishness


I find this question very interesting especially as I live in the north east of England. Stonehenge seems to have become a symbol of historical and social English identity much like the Tower of London or the Monarchy. Further it feels like it has eclipsed other English and British prehistoric sites in its importance to national identity. In the past I thought this was because of the focus of Roman written history on the site and the concentration of other monuments in the wider world Heritage site. However I am now more aware of other monuments across Britain and know that they too are not isolated but parts of wider historically important landscapes.

Risking the danger of sounding like a ranting northerner I must admit I now believe that the status enjoyed by Stonehenge is as much about its location in the south east of the country as it is about its importance as a monument. Like many other aspects of our culture it was much more likely to be known about, written about, explored and celebrated than monuments and landscapes in the north of Britain.

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