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Chapter 3 Journal Activity

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Accepted knowledge

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In every era of history thinkers and writers are working within their contemporary accepted knowledge and understanding. Early writers like Geoffrey of Monmouth demonstrate this very well. He had a contemporary informed knowledge and wrote about Stonehenge from that understanding.
His writings now form part of our learning and so colour and influence our understanding, even if it is as a perspective we reject. I don't know that we can divorce ourselves from previous writers especially when they are so well known and also are among the earliest written accounts of the site.

Nevertheless it seems to me that archaeology today has a far greater opportunity of breaking free of old knowledge. Mesolithic sites with undisturbed archaeology are providing really new fresh evidence that can be interpreted with out reference to old 'folk' knowledge. Blick Mead is in a way putting flesh on the bare bones of Stonehenge.


almost 2 years ago

Hi Sheila
I agree with your statement regarding breaking free from the old accepted knowledge. I feel that we are at last in an ere of fact and soon to be irrefutable fact. It feels like an exponential period is upon us and it is up to us all to play our part in this breakthrough.
Kind regards

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