Workers' Rights in a Global Economy

Chapter 1 - ILO formed


ILO was formed in 1919

the ILO was established as an agency of the League of Nations following World War I-- it is now a UN agency

Convention #1 involved the 8 hour work day

In 1998 the Declaration on Fundamental Principles of Rights at Work was created
It had 4 pillars. these are just the minimum standards however

  1. No forced labor
  2. No child Labor
  3. No discrimination
  4. Freedom of Association and rights to Collective Bargaining

other ideals should include:
living wages, health and safety standards and security for social well being

ILO Preamble:

  1. Moral commitment to Justice and Humanity
  2. Lasting peace requires social justice
  3. Prevent a competitive race to the bottom

ILO created as WWI ended

ILO unique as am intl organization w non-gov members incl trade unions and employers

Governing Body Makeup
Gov- 28 members
Union- 14
Employer- 14

10 nations w/ high GDP and population have permanent positions

Aim of ILO tri-partism is to regulate the world of work

Needs for true Tri-partism to work:
1. Independent Worker organizations
2. recognize legitimacy of trade unions as well as employers
3. Gov that offers standards and regulatory frameworks for labor and employers to cooperate

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