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»Make a test plan containing: a clearly described purpose(s) of your test a scenario for the test person a clear task for the test person

Conduct a usability test - instructions only (no test yet)

Senerath de Silva, 28 Mar 16

»This is the first iteration of Cook and Chat (url given below) which displays a low fidelity digital prototype of one of the app's functionalities i.e. how 60+ years old members can chat and a…

Cook and Chat digital

Senerath de Silva, 20 Mar 16

Paper prototype of Cook and Chat

Senerath de Silva, 18 Mar 16

Cook and Chat Interface Sketch - simplified for mobile app

Senerath de Silva, 14 Mar 16

Chat and Cook Interface Sketches

Senerath de Silva, 11 Mar 16

Chat and Cook

Senerath de Silva, 07 Mar 16