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»A lot of archaelogists and historians are still studying about the mystery of Stonehenge. It will take a long time to give a response to the numerous questions about the Magical Circle. In the…

Stonehenge heritage

Sarti Donatella, 18 Apr 17

»Stonehenge has had a great influence on the different aspects of British culture. In particular it has had a great influence on architecture, and John Wood inspired, by Stonehenge, invented a…

The influence of the Mgical Circle

Sarti Donatella, 18 Apr 17

»Stonehenge influenced a lot of aspects of British culture. The architect John Wood was so inspired by the Magical Circle that he invented a new architectural style. In Bath he built the Circus…

The influence of the Magic Circle

Sarti Donatella, 18 Apr 17

»Geoffrey of Monmouth had a particular interpretation of Stonehenge, he thought that it was built by Merlin with Irish stones put together in an extraordinary way. Archaelogists and historians …

The Giants'dance

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Sarti Donatella, 18 Apr 17

»When was Stonehenge built? How was it built? By whom? and above all why was Stonehenge Built? These are the questions every archaelogist or Historian would like to answer. A lot has been writ…

The charm of history

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Sarti Donatella, 18 Apr 17

»Stonehenge! It's impossible to pronounce this word without thinking about what it represents. It's not simply a circle of stones, it's a sacred place. We don't exactly know why it was built f…

A charming circle of styones.

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Sarti Donatella, 15 Apr 17