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Worksheet: Help out Martina!

Download this worksheet in case you prefer to fill it in by hand.

Help out Martina!


1.)For me it seems, there are the following topics to focus the learning on:
- knowing the expectations of her management
- improving her Self-organization especially prioritizing, time-management, decision-making
- learning about leadership techniques and improving her own leadership skills for example communication, delegation, conflict management

2.)For me a critical aspect is the amount of time and money we could use for the assessment. The first step should be to define an actual and desired state and to set some goals with Martina. One option to assess the achieving objectives could be a 360 degree Feedback (self reporting, management, employees) before and after the trainings or after a specific time period for implementing her new leadings into her daily business. We could also asses the amount of time she needs for reporting and how many hours of overtime she has and see if there is decrease after the trainings.

3.) I think especially for the leadership skills I would recommend an classroom training combined with some online Learning parts for the "theory" and some virtual classrooms before and after the classroom training. A group of new executives, which whom she could interact and exchange experiences online e.g in a forum or chat or with a shared wiki and shared blogs. There could also be a shared training with her team to help them get closer to each other and improve there communication and internal processes.

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