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Reflect Your Story, Part II! ☝

Opinion on CDL Re-visited


Success :
Scalabiiity is limited only by number of users and hardware capacity.

To scale non-linearly, Digital Learning is the only viable option today and BDA has pionerred the same.

To engage millenials (Young Generation) in learning with more engaging content.

To overcome, this challenge, the need to convert text based artefacts into WBT (or rather interactive medium) is need of hour and the challenge is to convert 160+ certificate programs in short span of time.

Byte size or Nugget based learning to be implemented. However, while converting the content from text to WBT, strong domain knowledge in that particular area is needed. Hence, before transforming the course, we need to ensure that we have appropriate subject matter expert (SME) available.

Use software tools to implement gamification in learning.

Engage external vendors in addition to in-house resources, who can accelerate the content conversion from PDF to WBT (i.e animated and immersive content)

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