The Science of Global Health Implementation

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Final Assessment- Reaction Paper

The final assessment for this course is a reaction paper – a summative exercise that encourages you to reflect on what you have learned. Education research shows that this activity will help you to synthesize and retain what you learned.

You will use the Kirkpatrick Model of Learning Evaluation to document your learning. Details of this model can be found at the following site.
The model assesses learning at four levels: Reaction, Learning, Behavior and Results. We would like you to draft your reaction to this course on each level of the Kirkpatrick Model. Specifically, we would like you to answer the following questions:

a) Please indicate your reaction to the content and delivery of this course. Was it an interesting and useful learning experience ? What did you like and not like ?

b) Please indicate the three most important ideas or concepts you learned from this course, and describe why you found them important.

c) Please indicate the idea or concept that you found most useful for immediate application (in the the next 3 months), and describe how you will use it.

d) Please indicate the results you expect to achieve from the application of this idea or concept, and how you will measure these results.
Each of these questions should be answered in 150 words or less. Your total assignment should be no more than two single-spaced pages.

Write down your answer directly in the journal (click on "start in" journal on the right of the page) and publish it to get feedback from the professors.

Final Assessement


a) I enjoyed how the course was delivered. I found the interviews gave a different perspective and a more detailed examples to reinforce what the lecturer was saying. I also found the youtube clips a useful resource.
b) I found Lewins 3 Stage Change Model and Kotters 8 Step Change Model to be two important concepts as they gave the basic steps you should take to implement change. I also found the 8 step model for quality implementation to be important, again because it gives the basic steps to ensuring what you implement will be successful.
c) I think the 8 steps of waste can be used immediately as I can implement that into everyday life, to reduce waste in daily activities.
d) I expect this course to help me implement interventions in the health industry when I graduate from university at the end of this year.


over 2 years ago

Thank you for you answer,
It has been transmitted to your professors.

CVV educational team

over 2 years ago


Thank you again for your answer and your patience. Here are some comments from professor Suzanne Babich:

a --> Good to know. Thanks for this feedback-sb
c --> Do you have any specific examples of how you will do this?
d --> Glad to hear the course was useful to you. We wish you all the best!

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