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»I think researchers still need much time to continue investigating the HOW, the WHO and the WHY about Stonehenge. I can not imagine 500 people pushing a gigantic stone. I can not imagine a neo…

Stonehenge in the future

Sabina Bora, 12 Mar 17

»Stonehenge can't be ignored by people. It's a really huge construction and there is an enigmatic story surrounding it. Stonehenge was considered by painters, singers, poets and more!

Stonehenge, impossible to be ignored!

Sabina Bora, 11 Mar 17

»I think that it is impossible that Stonehenge archaeologists can avoid geoffrey of Mommouth work every time they arrived to a conclusion.

Can Stonehenge archaeologists' work be affected by Geoffrey of Mommouth?

Sabina Bora, 10 Mar 17

»According to many researches Stonehenge was built in 3100 bc and the construction lasted 1000 years. But what I find so difficult to understand is how communication could be possible among the…

Stonehenge is still a mystery

Sabina Bora, 10 Mar 17

»Stonehenge (SH) was a very important construction for humanity, but it was not the only one. There were more, may be, smaller than SH but they were surranding the area. Apparently, SH and th…

'Stonehenge' more than huge stones.

Sabina Bora, 28 Feb 17