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Help Out Martina

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  • What do you expect/want Martina to learn? I want Martina to learn how to approach these difficult situations she has to face concerning three relevant factors: her struggled to keep up with her daily work, her relationship with her previous colleagues now her subordinates and also her way of communicate with the management staff.
  • How will you know and make sure that Martina has learned it? I would assess Martina current knowledge level and skills about team management and leadership by interviewing her and I would measure her improved abilities in the management and leadership area after completing the training her boss has suggested her both by interviewing Martina and seeing how she adapts to the new tasks in practice.
  • What learning experience do you want Martina to have? I would like Martina to attend a digital course about team management and leadership to provide her with further knowledge about the skills and abilities needed to face her new position and at the same time I want her to have the support of her boss and senior manager colleagues to learn in practice how to address these matters that concern her.


about 3 years ago

Very interesting my friend Roclo, for the best help,there is need to work with Martina to really point out her exact problem and need to address. Whoever is helping out Martina as a manger should know that to help out on the three areas, Martina should take a lead not the bosses to propose otherwise we may miss a point if we do not involve her from the beginning of our interventions of wanting to empower her. While planning to support her think of putting her and focusing at her needs first than our proposals then we shall mange empowering her well and we shall save costs and the long run but impact on her performance.

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