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Chapter 2 Journal Activity

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Aurochs Musings


Looking at the site on Google Earth gave me a sense of how large of an area this is and how many archaeological features are present on the ground.

It is really a place that indicates a long evolution of ideas and requirements.

5000 years ago the beginnings of Stonehenge began to take shape with other landscape features predating it or coming afterward. Obviously a very important place, - the whole area.

To me, the most intriguing question not just why....but, why here?
The ancient cattle, Aurochs*, is mentioned so it is possible that the area became known as a very abundant hunting ground, perhaps so much so that ancient peoples believed that the hunting ground must be controlled by magic or the gods/ancestors. It would seem that once this idea took hold, then it would evolve into an area of worship (to either offer thanks for their bounty or ensure more abundance the following year).

The Aurochs was a huge, herd animal, reminiscent of buffalo on North American plains. The buffalo was very central to the lives of NA Indians and many dances and rituals were associated with the much anticipated yearly returns of the buffalo. Perhaps the earliest significance of that land around Stonehenge is a result of it being the area through which the biggest food source moved.

Buffalo Dance

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