Digital Marketing – Critical Success Factors

Robin Mathai
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»The one thing that we are focused on to improve further is the end-user connect. This is true for both the current situation, and for future growth. The big question is how can we use digital …


Robin Mathai, 24 May 17

»Awareness phase A) Feelings, thoughts and actions: Realisation that I require a good pair of running shoes and avoid injuries down the road B) Triggers & Influencers: Learning of many peop…

Customer journey map

Robin Mathai, 22 Feb 17

»In today's world, time is at a premium. Optimizing and prioritizing one's tasks or projects is not only key to delivering great outcomes, but also to achieve a better work-life balance. Askin…

Why "Why" is Important!

Robin Mathai, 24 Nov 16

»It is important to understand how consumer behaviour adapts to the changing landscape of selling and buying products and services with digital. Harnessing the power of gigabytes of information…

Why Digital?

Robin Mathai, 23 Nov 16