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Tell a story

For this practice exercise, you need to imagine you are an eight years old kid and you really! want a pet. Your parents, however, don't think it is a good idea at all.

Tell a story to convince them to buy you a dog, a cat or... a Rhinoceros Iguana.

Make a video of how you would convince your parents that this is a great idea. Post it to your journal to share your pet love!

the importance of a pet's friend


Mommy ,daddy, i want a dog! you don't give me a brother to play with, then i want a dog! i don't have any friends and if you buy me a dog, then i will never ever bother you , i will bring it out and i will thank you for all my life. it could defend us when we sleep and i would stop asking you for a brother! do you want me to cry every day of my life from now on? i can begin from now!!!!! uahhh uahhh uahhh

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