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WHY are you doing the things you do?

Prioritizing your to-do-list by looking at WHY

Primer: This assignment consists of 2 options - choose 1:


Like most marketers, you will have an overwhelming to do list. To help you prioritize it and maybe also to get rid of some tasks, we would like to ask you to:

1. Write down your marketing campaign or program related tasks or projects (depending on what is more suitable for your job situation).

2. Then probe them with WHY. WHY are you running that project or WHY are you doing this task? Ask WHY until you come to an answer that is related to an outcome that is beneficial to your business.


If you don´t have any marketing or program related tasks, do the same with other tasks you are dealing with.

OPTION 1 + 2:

If you don´t have a compelling answer to WHY it's very likely that these projects or tasks are not very important - at least right now.

Approaching everything with "WHY?" in mind is a habit. The more often you do it, the easier it will get. : )

PS: This assignments only refers to tasks or projects that are related to things/ information you can share with others. Because there is no "private option" setting. You can either choose to share it with your course members only or with the whole iversity community (See last point in the journal entry "Permission")

Too many tasks, too many ideas too little time

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Like most of us, i have so many ideas.
I'm lucky because i work in a big hotel, which doesn't need help to improve the bookings. we are already over 92% of occupancy all year round.
What we are looking for and what i look forward to get is a better brand awareness around the globe.
We want to become a brand known everywhere, for this reason i'm running different tasks.
We just run an important Facebook campaign to hit people which didn't know our brand , without promoting the brand but just making them thinking.
We are realizing a cartoon about our Mascot to come in many houses even when they are not in our hotel.
We are realizing a mega Lego reproduction of our hotel, to sell it at the lowest price as possible so that we are always under the sight of our clients.
We are preparing our Youtube channel with his goal in entertaining and not promoting our hotel.
We have plenty other ideas which we can't reveal for now.
I work on all these projects with a colleague.
The answer to the question WHY is always the same , for all these projects : making people talk and think about our hotel.

Thanks for the time you spent reading this assignment.



almost 2 years ago

Hi Roberto, Those ideas sound pretty fun. How do you imagine the Lego reproduction to work? Are you going to build one and then produce content about it (videos, images etc) or do you actually plan to create and sell Lego kits that enable people to build your hotel at home!?

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