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Digital Learning Formats experience (1.5)

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Since I have been around in the world of Corporate Learning for quite some time, I have seen various types during the years. It all started with Skillsoft CBT's back in the nineties. Nowadays there are powerful development tools to create both training and support materials. Organisations can easily create the content themselves and support their employees in this way. It has become easy to create materials, but still is hard to create materials that employees can learn from. I have experience in using tools like SAP's WPB, ANCILE's uPerform and tt-s Performance Suite as material creation tools.

Successes - the investment needed to start with digital learning can be easily covered by what is gained compared to a traditional approach.
Challenges - lack of knowledge about didactics
Learnings - develop what is needed to support employees, not what is covered by the new application
Recommendations - start with a task analysis helping you to determine what to develop


almost 3 years ago

Hello Richard,

I agree with your topics.

In my experience our main failures of producing good digital learning formats are
- knowledge about didactics but now clue about digital technique
- technique lovers but no knowledge about didactics
- a gap between time to spent in good solutions and the return on invest.

Best wishes,


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