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Knowledge transfer in large IT Projects


I have worked in a large IT implemetation and knowledge transfer is a vital part of the relationship between consultants and clients.
In terms of Success: We have used a variety of learning systems mostly of the online type such as Oracle UPK. This is an excellent application. It's interface is pleasant and welcoming and it is easy to make clear, professional looking units. Client learners always think that the material is well presented, well structured, easy to intake and well paced.

Challenges: Time for the client side to access this material is always a problem. It is often difficult for them to be allowed time for formal learning. Client learners find short periods of time (often tea/coffee or lunch breaks) and usually in busy, noisy, open plan offices.

Lessons learned: Allow time for good material to be written, the Knowledge Transfer process is as important a job as more technical parts of an implementation, after all, the learning material is the physical and functional legacy of the project. Equally, the client learning process should be taken seriously and not just something to be crushed in while work piles up on the learner's desk.

Recommendations: The worker who creates the online learning should be someone who undestands basic teaching ideas; learning material should not be just a copy of the screenshots. It should explain from basic principles. Time should be allocated so that knowledge transfer is given both the time and concetration that it requires.

Raymonf Gallacher.

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