Workers' Rights in a Global Economy



A warm greeting to all, from my Trade Union RGEA, the Rodriguan People of the Southern Hemisphere in the Central Indian Ocean, Rodrigues, a Dependency of Mauritius and from my family and myself from the center of the 110 square kilometer sub tropical, Island. Big respect to the Resourced high skilled personnel of the GLU, Iversity and the ILO, my peers and my course initiator Tutor Jean Alain Tolbize from Rodrigues and all the most devoted tutors from GLU amongst is Tandiwe Gross, who supported us much. This mooc not only offers knowledge but do provide friendship and globalize our thinking by confronting us to the reality of the world of work. Solidarity is a much more value not to be neglected thus ensuring the beauty and the enjoyment of lasting peace. Healing of the world is to be our global goal and we are called to build a global hand in hand to not only value our material working products but to frontally value each and every world citizens from the poorest to the richest with no distinction,,,,,,we are to love and to beloved…..
Climatic change as well as all of the societal puzzles are the problems and or challenges of the entire human race, so no further race to the bottom,,,,,,
My sincere wish is to avoid showing world crimes to our children by establishing a proper convention to that effect, instead I prefer to show the world the situations of the weakest, who most often are “innocent victims”….. no further bombardment of our one same Planet ,,,,,,, at times I do believe that could it be that because we have minds that we want to be mindless…..we are not supposed to wrongly control because controlling itself meaning modeling……leading and conducting ourselves as mindful bodies,,,,, PEACE TO ALL,,,,,supporting ILO meaning promoting job while respecting people, fathers ,mothers children and essentiallY those with disabilities ,,,,,,peaceful life and equal justice…… to each and every world citizens,,,,socialization, thence be social…..we belong to each other and related to, all the times,,,,the god gifted Human race to safeguard what mindless bodies cannot….
Ravanne Joseph Bessy ( May 11 ,2016)

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