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Assignment #4: Conduct a usability test with your prototype

For assignment 4 you will test your design using the digital prototype you made in the last chapter.

First, test it by being the user. Use your digital prototype in the context of the usecase you designed for. So, if the application you designed would be used in the context of a supermarket, Go to the supermarket and test your prototype, conducting the task the user would do.
Iterate on your design after this ‘being the user in the context’ test.

Test your design on an end users, using your digital prototype. If possible, conduct the test in the user context. Film your test and edit it to a short video.

Prepare your test well. Be sure to follow the testing guidelines described by Steve Krug, see the reference material for more information.

Make a test plan containing:

  1. a clearly described purpose(s) of your test
  2. a scenario for the test person
  3. a clear task for the test person

Film your test (use a tripod please, or another way to stabilise your recording device) and edit it to a short video of about five minutes highlighting the moments that are valuable for next iterations. Annotate the video with text, explaining these insights.

Upload a link to your video, which you need to upload to Youtube or Vimeo, the test plan and written conclusions of the test.

A little help



almost 2 years ago

Test plan

Purpose of test
With this test I would like to find out how the users interact with the app "A little help". Is everything clear and easy especially for grandpa.

Scenario for test person
A family member of grandpa wants to use the app to help grandpa. He is going to use the app to see what he can do to help grandpa and when grandpa could use some help.

Task for test person
The test person has to use the app as if he was going to help grandpa.

The test person found the app easy and clear to use, but he encountered a few issues. On the screen “who’s helping” you now see what is happening on one day it would be nicer to have a weekly overview for instance. On the page ‘grandpa’s wishes” it would be more clear if you could see what tasks are allready done or going to be done by someone. That is unclear now because you see all grandpa’s wishes.

almost 2 years ago

Congratulations on the great idea and execution. I like the video presentation .

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