Corporate Digital Learning

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My Digital Learning Experiences


My first tryst with digital learning was with CBTs for mandatory employee training in my first job in an MNC. Today, I work with MOOCs and am experiencing digital learning as a 'producer' vis-a-vis the consumer!


Flexibility - the ability to learn specific topics as opposed to a prescribed syllabus is great and coupled with location and time freedom, digital learning is really a best-fit for corporate education.


Commitment to Learning - a lot of success in learning is dependent on how motivated the learner is; this is accentuated more so in the context of digital learning. Hence, it is very important to align individual learning goals with personal career objectives and overall programme goals.

As a producer of digital learning, I strongly believe in the power of using sound pedagogical methods and instructional design in creating engaging learning experiences.

Try something new everyday - either as an online learner or as an online course creator!

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