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Share Your Story! ☝

My story | Chapter 1


I’m inspired by digital learning solutions and the connection between education and technology. Since I’m a project manager in e-learning myself, I've seen a lot of concepts and technical applications in the past years. To be able to offer a target group-oriented learning solution, I advise product-independent and I therefore need a broad expertise to formats such as webbased training, blended learning, MOOC, webinars and relevant didactic concepts. So I'm always curious about new developments, experiences and concepts, also from other countries and institutions.

Successes: I have seen many different implementations of e-learning and reactions on e-learning. I’d like to share a few experiences. This has impressed me personally:

  • I remember the introduction of a certified online course for complete
    offliners (in the public sector) which was fully booked immediately
    and in which participants got the first access to online education.
    What a surprise! Against all expectations, participants actively
    participated after a few small difficulties and considered the
    learning situation as normal. At the same time the target group could
    be increased massively because all participants were employed. A lot
    of new people got interested in the topic.

  • A MOOC, which we supported with concepts and tutoring, was a great

    success. The most beautiful moment happened at the live-sessions when all participants worldwide switched on their webcams and gave the

    virtual meeting a face.

In general the sector is dynamic and constantly growing. But in Germany, e-learning is still new for some companies. In the beginning the whole process is often unknown. There is uncertainty about what an implementation of e-learning can mean. A challenge in implementing can be how to involve all relevant stakeholders. And in addition, to manage the interests of these parties.

- Do not underestimate the time expense
- Put a lot of time and thoughts in the preparation of the e-learning process

- Take the learner seriously
- Think about his needs
- Think about the learning environment
- Take a good look at learning objectives
- Start with a practical case
- Use modular e-learnings which can be combined
- Do not try to find a standard solution for every problem
- Learn more about acceptance through evaluation

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