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Warm-up Exercises - Circles

Just like you have to warm up your muscles before sports and training, you also need to warm up your visual thinking muscles – your mind and hand. Warm-up exercises are also a great way to trigger creativity. Be sure to make them part of your drawing routine.
Read up on them and get more ideas here.

Check out this simple exercise:

  1. Draw several circles in different sizes over and over again and try to get them as round as possible. It is not about perfection, but about getting comfortable drawing a nice circle quickly and to warm-up your hands and your mind.
    After you have done this, check out this link and try the circles again with this neat trick. But no peaking beforehand! ☺

  2. Take your circles and fill them up with colours or simply make a new image out of them. You can get some inspiration for this here.

  3. Upload your favorite circle or show the course a picture of your whole circle collection in the journal.

If you have more warm-up exercises, share them with the other learners in your journal.

Warm Up Circles


Hey Guys! Hey Girls!

These are my circles, I'm kind of bad at pivoting with my hand, so my better circles are not as good as they are supposed to.

Circles Before Trick

Circles After Trick

About adding color, I just used random colors in my original circles. I used colored pencils, crayons, markers, and colored pens; can you guess which colors are crayons?

Colored Free Circles

For my second circles I decided to use reddish colors, in the end I think it is too red.

Colored Good Circles

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